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Friday 10 December 2021

Beercan Sculptures

1. Beer can tetrahedron net

2. Beer can tetrahedron

3. Three Quarter tetrahedron. It looks like it should tip over, but the bottom can is filled with beer. So it doesn't.

4. Another tetrahedron

5. and another one.

6. Ah, back on familiar territory, a six pack.



For a while, I've been joining round objects together and talking about it in this blog. And I've done cd's, records, plywood, bicycle rims and other bike parts.  The forms can be prisms, tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, antiprisms, dodecahedrons, icosahedrons and tesselations using only a few 3d printed parts plus bike spokes and rubber bands and other bits and bobs.

Anyway, this post shows a new app for this up-polygonazation technique - beer cans!  This makes the sides 3 dimensional / cyclindrical instead of flat. And the cans can be full or empty, although they all look basically the same from outside. Although slightly different, I have already put the basic part for cd platonic solids on the internet here.

I plan to make a "blank plywood face" compatible with the set of parts shown above. In "5" shown above, a base can be made by swapping the top can for a plywood side. I'm working on that now, trying a few different holesaw-cut ply discs for size.

Will report more later.


Steve Nurse

2d cad sketch. I did this, then the 3d cad drawing, then one set of 3 3d printed joiners. A few cad changes later, and I went into production with parts to make the sculptures shown above.

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