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Saturday 27 March 2021

Double Ended Asym Board


Fil from Jucsurf...

compares surfboards.

The new stick.


Today Fil from Jucsurf delivered my latest design, a double ended Asymmetrical board. Its not actually asymmetrical, its just differently symmetrical. Anyway, the fin can be put on either end, making an asym design suitable for goofys or naturals. Hope to post more pics soon. I did my best to explain it in my last post!


Steve Nurse

And here are those pics, its something for starters. I am a goofy / switchfoot, thanks to Kevin Browne for taking the pics at gully beach! Was having lots of fun here on what might be considered ordinary waves. Will add my impressions of the board soon.


So hear we go with a quick review of the board. I have surfed on it 3 times and it took a bit of time for me to get used to it. And the waves have been quite small, so I can only review it for the waves I've surfed. The board which is its immediate predecessor, and one I might still use on occasions is the blue Asym shown in the pics above, a Trigger fibreglass / polyurethane windsurfer with carbon fibre reinforcement, converted to surfboard, converted to Asym.

First impressions were that I freaked out and didn't think the Asym bit was right, but that was only because the board was the wrong way round and I was looking at the "natural" end. Spin it around 180 degrees and order was restored to the world, the back end similar to the Trigger board. Then it was how light it was. Lastly, it was that the rails near the back and front of the board were soft (large radius) compared to that of my old board.

I wasn't sure about the board after the first surf, by the 2nd I had swapped the fin over for my old red one and had caught a few good waves. By the third surf shown in the pics, things were going quite well. For now I am very happy to keep the board as is and look forward to more surfs on it.

The new board floats very well and I can paddle it while kneeling. I think part of the "extra floating" is the very shallow rocker (bottom bend) in the board which means most of the base of the board contributes to floatation. It will be interesting to try it in bigger surf, where easier paddling means earlier takeoffs.

A bit of research (ok, image search for double ender surfboard on google) reveals there is nothing new in the world! Emerick Ishikawa makes double ender / fin set at both ends surfboards as well, here is a link and here is a video .


Update April 2, 2021: The full shape I sent to the board builders is now available for free as an STL and a 2018 thingiverse file on the Thingiverse site here .

Update April 13, 2021

Double ended kiteboard. I think this is an early model by

How I got it home from the op shop.

If you are a Toyota Corolla driver, you will see Corollas everywhere. And so it is with double ender asym boards. Well maybe! When I was a bit busy, I dropped into Vinnies Collingwood on my trike and had a quick look at some books before spying a board in the corner near the door. Although I was interested, I didn't have the time or inclination to buy it then and there, as I had a few important things to do that would not be helped by cruising around with a board in the back. I tried remembering the name of the maker but couldn't quite (Roberto - something?).

But a few days later my timetable was clearer and I went to the chemist for my wife Christine, and then back to the op-shop. The board wasn't where it was previously,  but I asked the sales-lady about it, and they still had it and she dragged it out. I had to make  a phone call before loading up, but once loaded, it was an easy ride all the way home. I did avoid busy streets though.

 So now I am the proud owner of a double ended or "twintip" asymmetric kiteboard with the same layout principle as the surfboard I designed.  2nd photo shows how I got it home.

There's not much describing this style of board on the net but I would welcome anyone who has riding experience on one.

As far as actually using the board as a kiteboard, I'm never going to do it. I don't live down the coast all the time, so its lucky I've even kept up surfing, and adding anything else involving wind (sailing, windsurfing, paragliding etc.) I just don't have the time or inclination for. But maybe I will use it as a kneeboard or bellyboard at some stage.