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Tuesday 28 May 2019

Trade Show Pics

This foam map of Australia by states was a freebee at one of the stands, I can't remember which.  Anyway the "Tasmania" bit is my own DIY addition, left out by the original designers.  After a few days at home, I.........
put it to good use, placing the 3d printed  Alien Sculpture I'd made on to it to give an impressive scale and make the alien landing craft look quite big.

Here it is again with a few camera and light ......

setting changes.  The main file for the alien can be downloaded from thingiverse here, the filename is 480equi.stl.

Spee3d stand.

Bastion Bike with 3d printed parts.

3d printed bike helmet display, I searched the net and found this project which sounds similar.

Here are a few pics resulting from a visit to the National Manufacturing Week 2019 exhibition held in Melbourne recently.  Comments and links are given under each picture. Overall the show was very good and I found out about some local 3d meal printers.  A gentleman on the 3d printing solutions  stand was very genorous with his time, explaining all about their carbon and fibreglass infused printer filament.

Thursday 16 May 2019

Trolley Modification

My wife Christine with her trolley in use as a table.

Table extension "in"

Table extension "out"

The whole thing.

My wife Christine has some balance issues, so uses a trolley for support and to carry things when going about our home.  The trolley does lots of duties, it is a support, carrier, table for meals and when reading books or newspapers, and also a sort of ladder to help Christine get into bed. 

So I've seen it in use over many months and thought I could improve the table function of the trolley. The table needed to come closer to her for better support without banging in to her knees, but the first method I thought of (reduce the size of the lower shelf area to make clearance) would have been no good, and compromised the ladder function of the trolley.

About 2 weeks ago, the idea of a sliding top tray came into my mind, and I was able to finish is off over a weekend much to Christine's delight.  When doing mods or making new stuff, its essential to consider all the uses the object might have.


Steve Nurse