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Monday 13 December 2021

Destination Moon

Ready for blastoff


. Model is base on a beercan tetrahedron and here are the parts. Although I didn't need to, I made a plywood platform and 3d printed support parts which replace the topmost can. The 2 cans at the back are (shock) non alcoholic beer. I am actually sort-of in training so alcoholic beer doesn't help much.

Some inspiration from Herge. I think I read all the German versions of Tintin when I was learning German at the Goethe Institut in Melbourne. Here are pics

from Herge with a moonrocket. Note Snowy the dog has a spacesuit.

I think these pics show landing on the moon, in a reverse-of blastoff sequence. But they will do.
Some construction details

Luckily I have not met this sort of resistance to my non-alcoholic beer drinking. Screen grab from the Australian tv series Kath and Kim. Kim doesn't like Kel's football team.


The pics above show some "applied up-polygonization", making a rocket from the joining techniques from the last post, and having a bit of fun with them. Apologies to Herge, Kim and Kel. When I've refined the 3d printing files a bit more, I'll put them on thingiverse.

Regards Steve Nurse

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