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Saturday 2 March 2019

Mirka Mora Auction

"Lot 146, a 19th Century Foot Pedalled Carving Wheel"

Peugeot NS

Parked out the front.

A few months ago, beloved Melbourne artist Mirka Mora passed away. In the last few weeks she has stayed in the news with an auction of her effects due to take place, and Lucy Feagins starting a successful crowdfunding campaign to purchase estate items for the Heidi museum. Still not finished, the campaign has already raised $200,000.  My mum Doff and wife Christine both went to Mirka Mora classes and I am well aware of her as an artist, so I decided to pootle down to the public viewing of auction items a few k's away but on the other side of the Yarra river and on the 72 tram route I used to got to school on, only 43 years ago or so. 

Star attraction for me was the Peugeot Nouveau bike although I also came across an 1800's pedalled carving wheel.  This was one of the first trips for me on my recumbent leaning trike with new scooter steering, and it went quite well but I rode all the way there with tilted handlebars.  Which I survived.

Looking forward to visiting the Heidi Museum with Christine.