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Saturday 4 December 2021

New Lamp


Octahedral lamp with truncation sides made from the

centre "dump" parts of the hollowed out sides.

Lamp from a hard rubbish pile cleaned up ok.

Painting was with 2 coats of Sceneys Interior oil.

Sides and dumps as cut. The small circles have 2 central holes, 1 from when the large circle was made and the second from when the the small circle was made, off-centre from the first.


A lamp I've made using Holey Dollar and Dump techniques for the shade is almost complete. The first octahedron I made had plywood that was painted badly, and I wanted to make another one. Also I wanted the construction to talk about how the parts were made. So I have drilled the dumps eccentrically, leaving 2 holes in the centre dumps. The parts fit in well with a lamp I found on hard rubbish.

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