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Sunday 3 November 2019

Audax Bling Display

Birth of the bling, after 1997 Around the Bay in a Day Ride  on my first reasonably capable recumbent.  My son Ewan is wearing bling collected on the day, seen.....
on display here (top row 2nd from right and bottom row, 2nd from left) for the first time in ages.
2 additions to the tower of bling as they come off the printer. This is an initial check for size.

The Audax 100 is a recent arrival from a Wagga Wagga ride. All the support material that is made along with the actual 3d prints is peeled away and recycled before the parts are used.

Early version of tower with skewers.

15!  I settled on bike spokes to hold the tower together (see left and right of pic, there are internal spokes as well ), they are free for me and relate to what is in the display.


Stop press, March 27, 2020

I have just uploaded 11 of the files to make badge mounts to the Thingiverse website, here is the link.  The badge set is up to date, I earned 2020 to 2023 French and Australian medals this year on Round the Bay and Great Ocean Road 200k rides.

Regards  Steve Nurse

For a while I have been visiting bike events, doing Audax rides like this recent one and Round the Bay in a Day rides like this.  And I often have ticked the box for, or just been handed, or plain and simple just bought the medals, bling and other trinkets on offer. And mostly they have been shoved in a small tin box to collect dust with their mates and a bucketload of brevet cards.

Anyway, that was up till a few weeks ago. I loaned out one surfing trophy to a friend and sent a few others minus their small plaques to the op shop and got rid of a few other bits and pieces like ribbons attached to medals.

So then the poolroom shelf was not quite so full and I set about designing a display for all the badges etc.  Modular seemed like the way to go, so I designed a basic skewered - or spoked together shape, then made cutouts to clip the badges into.  The design did not come out of the blue, its really an application for a kit design I've worked on before, and long ago I put a whole lot of New Zealand one dollar coins together in a rectangular frame. And the 3d printed things work, bringing all my hard won trinkets out on display for the first time ever really.

If you are interested in me making a similar set of badge or coin holders for you let me know.  Costs will be $12.00 per badge plus $50.00 per hour design time if you need new designs, plus postage. Maximum badge size is 58mm round.  You would need to drop me the badges you want mounted so I could measure them to make the right mount. To answer an obvious question, "can you make other colours?" the answer is "Yes, lots but I only have orange in stock.  Choose from this lot, you would have to pay the $23.00 cost of the filament roll plus about $10.00 delivery."

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse