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Friday 28 December 2018

Thingiverse Files

Thing made with the Thingiverse Kit in.....

a couple of.....



From a pdf describing the parts.


Yesterday, I added 6 downloadable 3d print files to my Thingiverse account, and these files add to 2 files already there to make an 8 piece, free to download construction kit.  As shown in the bottom photo, even 1 of the pieces used multiple times can make some interesting assemblies.  The bottom photo is part of a pdf explaining how to use the pieces to make rigid spirals and cylinders. 

Here are some links to some earlier posts about the parts.  Some files were originally made available through CG trader so earlier links may be broken. One day I might even get around to fixing them!

Alien Selfie

Fringe Furniture 2018

Construction Kit 

Flowers Construction Kit 

If you make some of the parts and think you can add to any of my comments about them, I'd love to here from you, or just post your makes and likes on Thingiverse.  I have made the pdf part of a Project on Researchgate, please feel free to add to that as well. Oh, and have fun!


Steve Nurse

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Congratulations Ewan

At Ewan's Graduation, Steve, Helen, Phoebe, Christine

Texting (or something) to Phoebe's sister Katie.

On the Stage

On the big screen

Exhibition Building's Mez, where drinks and food were served.

Dinner afterwards, Christine, Pippa, Dean, Ewan, Phoebe, Steve

Helen and Christine on the Mez.

Hi, as you might guess, we are very proud parents!  Our son Ewan graduated with a Phd in Biomedical Engineering from Melbourne University yesterday.  Congratulations Ewan and our daughter in-law Phoebe.