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Saturday 25 December 2021



Today's rocket

from Beer Cans

Half octahedron


Bev and Christine


Me, mum and dad. My brother Richard is represented by my t-shirt, its got one of his paintings on it and arrived by mail a day ago. Thanks Rich!





Hi, its Christmas day today, we have a small family gathering tomorrow, so today was pretty quiet. In the morning I caught up with Mum and Dad, and we had our friend Bev over for lunch. 

One of my beer can sculptures / things / octahedrons was outside and while I was having an afternoon sleep I heard a resounding crash. And sure enough when I wet to investigate, there was a mess of cans, rubber bands, spoke pins and 3d printed bits on the ground. So I fixed it but there's still not much space inside for new sculptures.

Anyway, lunch went well and when chatting with Bev over a cup of tea I finished off Rocket MKII shown at the top.

Happy Christmas!

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