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Saturday 8 August 2020

Giant Sized Covid Thing


Start - these are some 3d printed bike parts, I redesigned some of them so had 2 parts left over.

I had made this before so decided to make another isocahedron like the top bit and use it....

For a covid monster. Here it is halfway through.

2/3 through.

Add some coloured thread, left over from my wife Christine's sewing project.

A few people were required......

To be entangled in the monster......

and a few more to run away from it.

Schlocky movie inspiration, a bit like King Kong.

And more inspiration, Giant Sized Baby Thing is a bow wow wow track from years ago which I had at one stage or another and might still have somewhere.
Hi, Some covid inspired art. Helps me to thing about the pandemic. Interested in your opinions. On display on the gate outside our place.


Steve Nurse