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Monday 28 November 2022

Sorry Bettina Klussmann!


 My wife of more that 30 years, Christine died about 6 weeks ago, and it follows that it has been a l - o - o - o - n - g time since I have dated. I am quite a peace loving person and affairs or leaving never really seemed like a good option, so here I am come out the other end. 

 Quite a few older adults I know are single by choice, but I don't think I want to stay single. Coming home to talk to someone has always been good for me, and that isn't there now, so things might change in the future and only the other day I asked a lady out on a date.  

Unfortunately that date didn't happen, we were going to meet somewhere and she didn't show, we didn't exchange phone numbers, and since then I've tried emailing her without a reply. I might see her at a work Christmas party but I'm not holding my hopes up. Anyway c'est la vie, and even though I could look for her phone number online I haven't tried as it would possibly be creepy.

So I have been - er - reflective over the last few days and today I got to thinking about when I didn't show up on a date because I went surfing with friends. Sorry Bettina Klussmann for about 40 years ago! So - er - nothing done to me (by accident or design, I just don't know) that I haven't done to another before, which is a sort of Karma effect I think. 

We all sail on!  Best Wishes Steve Nurse