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Monday, 31 May 2021

Nexorade Octahedron


Work in progress, using nexorades to support a polygonized cd structure. The plastic tubs are for temporary support, without them its hard to build. This is the bottom layer.

Top layer has been added, and to finish it off the rods which cross over are glued together with superglue, then the green jigs are removed.

Finished octahedron result. The cd's have the same shape as the octahedron shown here , but the truncation reinforcement is different, a nexorade support instead of an actual side. CD's / DVD's came cheap from a garage sale a few weeks ago.

Another nexorade supported platonic solid model, this time a tetrahedron The sides are printer spool parts as discussed here , and its used as a record display.

Hi, some of my latest constructions. I have been using a construction kit part I designed to make cds into platonic solids.  But because octahedrons and icosahedrons have more than 3 sides in their truncations, there's not enough support to make them easily by themselves. In a previous post, I'd designed and made entire truncation sides for the octahedron. This post details a different solution, using a nexorade as the supporting truncation side. The jigs used can be downloaded for 3d printing from Thingiverse here .



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