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Friday 23 July 2021

Trench Art Lamp



For several years, I had a trench art lamp base next to my bed. It had come from a Geelong op shop. Although it already had a switch, it was noisy and could wake my wife Christine, so I added an extra, quiet, in-line switch.

  And sometime this year I found another old lamp and restored that, and so I now have a different lamp next to my bed and the trench art was a bit sadly marooned on my work table.

Now I've restored it with a new lamp shade made from plywood cut using holesaws, hair bands, 3d printed parts, and bike spokes as hinge pins. The hinge pins were first used in the disc brake clock.

Quite proud of this. I put some effort into staining the timber to show off its grain to best effect.


Steve Nurse

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