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Monday 5 July 2021

Aiatsis Map


Top right corner of map on mounting board

Splints made from corflute for the Aiatsis map mounting board. I put 2 splints across the creases in the cardboard so it stays rigid and doesn't bend.

Relief maps of Victoria and Australia, the backing board for the Aiatsis map was the packaging these maps came in.

Ta Da!  The Aiatsis map showing the approximate locations of Aboriginal tribes, language groups and nations prior to white settlement.


It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and inspired by a trip to Port Fairy  where I saw a relief map of Victoria (mountains are actually raised from the map at a scale 10x the horizontal scale), I ordered the map for our home and a couple of others as well. The second map is a relief map of Australia, on a smaller scale compared to the Victoria map.

And the third map is a laminated Australia map from Aiatsis showing Aboriginal tribes in Australia before white settlement. Its been in the news lately with Australians encouraged to write aboriginal placenames when addressing correspondence.

All the maps came from the map centre paramatta who gave excellent service. The relief maps arrived within a day or two, and I waited about a week more for the Aiatsis map. My wife Christine painted a red bow on the relief map packaging - Happy Birthday Steve!

Although I had a large sheet of corflute I could mount the Aiatsis map on,  I decided to upcycle the cardboard the other maps came in, and use that instead. As well, I kept the outside of the box visible, complete with paint, postage markings and handle with care tape. So it looks lived in, and its character and evidence of previous existance are proudly on display.


Steve Nurse

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