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Tuesday 27 July 2021

Rotating Face Clock Part 1


This tetrahedron.....

clock was a precursor to the latest version of....

my 3d printed face rotation clock.
This is the 2 - part joiner seen

on the edges here in the 2, 6 and 10 o'clock positions.
Side view

Back view

And it actually tells the time!  The face position shows the hour, and the minute hand needs to be read relative to the face. Note digital oven clock in background.


For a few years, I've been experimenting with 3d printing and this post is an example. Stemming from the clock experiments, I made some regular polyhedra from the parts, but also made a clock from a standard clock mech where the face rotates, not the hour hand. The hour hand is constrained so the face spins. Here is an intro to the tech, and it shows my second set of attempts at making it work. The first attempt was a lot less elegant and had a set of bearings mounted on the back of a clock mech.  I have progressed a bit further on this now and am close to finalising, so will report more later.


Steve Nurse

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