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Wednesday 28 July 2021

Rotating Face Clock Part 2

Old version. It worked!
First redesign of face with built-in bosses for the second cd. The notch for the cd (lower right) wouldn't print without support material, and this was fixed in later versions.

Front view, mk3

A sightly scruffy 3d print. The melt temperature for the brown and white PLA is different, and this print suffered from being printed at too high a temp. The part didn't want to separate from the raft, and the face was damaged.

MK3. Balancing weights can be seen on the "10" face part.


Last time,  I reported on my 3d printed rotating face clock, which I had developed to the point of working. I was quite proud of that achievement, and for a while was content to let it rest a while. But when I went back to change the battery, realised that the design was clunky, hard to read, and battery changing was hard. 

 Design should be about not fearing these steps, and not being afraid of making something ugly in appearance and beautiful in novelty, both at the same time. Appearance can always be worked on!

Anyway, with some time to spare, I redesigned the part of the clock that holds the second CD. Instead of making parts that did that job alone (yellow in the top photo and previous post), I have combined the roles of cd support and face number. The photos above show progress.  I am almost there with this redesign and have finished the redesign of the face parts and the balancing (the clock battery puts the face out of balance unless its compensated for) mechanism. Will report more later.


Steve Nurse

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