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Tuesday 6 July 2021

Disc brake clock


Clock from above

Clock from front. The hinges would work on most 160mm bike brake discs, and the hour markers and centre are custom made for this particular disc.

Bolts used in the tetrahedron joins, quite proud of these. They are a cutoff spoke with a spoke nipple screwed and glued on. The thread is raised a bit from the shaft and engages with the 3d printed parts.

Mockup for the drivetrain of my new bike. Uses bike disc brake as (drum role please) disc brake.


Yesterday I finished a tetrahedron form clock made with old bicycle brake discs sourced from my shed.  They follow the pattern of tetrahedron cd clocks I first documented a while ago. These are a part that is often replaced on bikes, so this is an upcycle project. I am working on a new bike at the same time, will write about that on my bikes blog soon.


Steve Nurse

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