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Thursday 8 July 2021

Let's go big on this!


Up-polygonization clock from old bicycle brake discs

and dodecahedron from old cd's.

Sketches for joiners between bicycle rims

27" bike wheels at home with some parts that come as byproducts on disassembly: steel spoke guards, clusters and hubs

12 wheels at home.

Another load from Ceres. Serge helped me load them up. This is the  interesting-to-ride no-brake-levers leaning trike

First trip to Ceres, and loaded up with bike wheels

Ceres are past-masters at using bike wheels in new contexts, they have a dome made from them, and this is their work "Fence Repair #1"


This is a short post to show a work in progress, I have gathered 12 old steel 27" bike wheels and plan to make a dodecaherom out of them. It should be about 2m diameter when finished. That is calculated on the size of the dodecahedron in pic 2 and the diameter ratios of the cd's (120mm) and rims (850mm)


Wish me luck!

Steve Nurse

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