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Monday 10 January 2022

Cans Icosahedron



As i've done with CD's before, I have now worked my way through making all of the platonic solids by using the faces of beercans as sides. Its been a bit of fun, and my son Ewan took a few photos of me fooling around with it - "just not interesting enough!"

Each can has 3 half-hinges attached, and 20 of these add up to make the icosahedron. To start with, hair elastic did the holding, but later superglue was added. The half hinges need to be equispaced on the rims, otherwise assembly is impossible. 

To finish off, I designed a 3d printed hinge to adapt a plastic pipe to the assembly, and another part to anchor everything to a base. I had some fun with the base itself, cutting out the corner pads from within the base to leave some decorative holes. The piece I've made could make a lamp, but for the moment I'm trying it out with a few bike lights for effect.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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