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Wednesday 10 November 2021

Tetrahedron from bicycle rims



A while ago, I realised that if cd's and other round things can be incorporated into tetrahedrons and all the other platonic solids. And really, there aren't too many limits on that, and any disc or hoop could be built up into the form other shapes. Up till now I just did small parts, but I wanted to demo something larger for some writing I was doing. Months ago, I collected some 27" wheels from the Ceres bike shed, and for the most part just stored them. 

So here are the results of a first experiment making a solid from a bike rim. The 27" rims seem to be all drilled with 36 holes plus the valve, and that makes it easy to space the rim joiners (about 100mm of 50mm diameter steel tube in this case) and it all worked ok. I used 3/16" bolts for this, and the spoke holes had to be drilled out a bit to take these bolts but that's not hard. 

It takes weight fairly well, I'm 80 kg or thereabouts and can sit on it fine.

All for now, regards  Steve Nurse

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