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Monday 18 October 2021

52t Clock


Hinge pins on production line

Hinge assemblies


A while ago, I made a tetrahedron clock from some old bicycle disc brakes. It all went together, and I thought I could donate it at a prize at a bike event. But one bicycle-themed clock trophy would not be enough, as I would want to donate a trophy for male and female winners. 

So I've been fossicking in my bike junk and cd-rom piles and have gathered together a few suitable candidates for the next clock, and then in the last day or so have put it together. 

The new tetrahedron has 2 sides which are upcycled 52 tooth bicycle chainrings, and 2 which are upcycled timber chainring guards, which are shown in my bikes blog posts such as this one. I trimmed the timber guards in the lathe, something I've never done before, but it worked ok this time.

Anyway, it all came together well, although the clock isn't actually telling the time properly yet.

The image on the cd is a little thing Leonardo Da Vinci whipped up called Vitruvian Man. On the cd he is already poorly treated by being chopped in half and placed in a bicycle sprocket, and looking at the photos, I realized I had mistreated him again by giving him blue tracky dacks to wear!

Personally I like it! A trophy that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Update October 19

This morning I've taken the clock apart to fix the mechanism (I think the rubber bands used to hold the edge joiners in place are straining it too much) and realised the clock looks perfectly fine with just the cd and one chainring as below. Its a bit less complicated that way. Anyway, no need to make a decision yet as to which way to present it.


Steve Nurse

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