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Monday 15 November 2021

Radiogram conversion



This is a post about something I made years ago, a conversion of a Radiogram which originally had an AM radio plus mono record player, to an up to date music player which plays cds, cassette tapes, am and fm radio, records and digital files via usb or sd card.

The unit looks good and works well, and it's mainly used for playing records. We gave an EP of Old Man River by Paul Robeson a go a week or so ago.  

This is the second stereo system to go in the case, and this one came from Aldi, cheap and cheerful as stereo systems go, about $300. 

The radiogram was cut at the top to give access to the record player. Its a bit rough and I think I could do more work to improve it, but its ok for now.

Regards Steve Nurse

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