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Saturday 4 March 2023

Dodecahedron Jig 2











This post shows a different way to make the dodecahedron jig I detailed in my last post. The approach was a bit down and dirty, coming up with the answer, but not necessarily in the most elegant way. 

The new approach came to me, and I thought I'd work on it and write on it. Instead of several complex steps of planes and angles, there's only one complicated angle involved, and that is derived from the view of a dodecahedron shown in 1. The angle is shown in another form in 2.

Steps involving making the shell come first, then a boss is then drawn on an existing plane, and a cut is put through the boss (3, 4, 5). All of the boss and cut can be cut arrayed around an axis (6), and then bosses and cuts added to the jig centre (bottom of 7).

At this stage, the cad from the first and second approaches can be compared, 16 steps in the first versus 11 in the second. The second shape will be easier to import into 3d printer software. 

Regards Stephen Nurse

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