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Thursday 16 March 2023

Off-Piste with Makit toy







A few weeks ago, mucking around with golf ball structures got me interested in an old construction set I had called Makittoy, and I tried and failed in finding the set I had as a kid at my parents' house.

Undaunted and unphased by this, I just went out and bought some, firstly through ebay, secondly through facebook marketplace from Tasmania. But my best set sofar was picked up from Elwood last Tuesday morning. 

I've now had enough time to make some stuff. The cube (4) could be made with the cardboard triangles supplied with the kit, but I made my own by 2d cad drawing, printing, laminating (3) then cutting out.

Also the Makittoy rods (brown / 6.42mm) could be made with DIY, they are, after all just cleft sticks - or rods with a bisecting cut at the ends - which form a very simple spring.  The spring can act in 2 ways, that is

* With thin material slid into the saw cut, the spring opens and clamps. 

* When the end is pressed into a round hole, the spring compresses and clamps.

I've since bought some 6mm and 9.5mm dowel from a local store in easy biking distance. The dowel is made locally also, see here. Will report back when I make some more things.


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