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Monday, 10 January 2022

Cans Cylinders









At some stage when making can sculptures, I realised that a couple of cans could be put together to make a cylinder, and the cylinders used as edges in polyhedra. As well, the lamp stem I'd already made could be a cylinder too, and compatible with the can cylinders.

The top sketch shows how I calculated the length of the plastic pipe to be cut, and pic 4 shows the pipe cutting. I stuck a tight fitting steel tube inside the plastic pipe during cutting with the pipe cutter. The plastic tube doesn't cut this way on its own as its too flexible. Pics 2, 3, 5 and 6 are all tetrahedra, with 5 and 6 including a pipe edge.  Cd's and plywood discs could be used to make these sorts of structures too.

Regards Steve Nurse

Update Jan 14

As per the pics below, I have made a third type of cylinder for the samplers, that is plywood discs separated by dowel. It was hard to put together, probably because its hard to get the half hinges alligned correctly on the cylinders. I plan to make a model boat next (The Kon - Tinnie?) which should be fairly easy. 

Till next time!



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