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Sunday 22 August 2021

Some Neighbourhood resilience

Scarecrow in a nearby street. A few locals are putting them up as a distraction and conversation starter,


this is another one Christine is checking out.

House owner having a chin wag near his scarecrow.

This is my version of a scarecrow out the front of our house. One of the cd's fell off this 4-cd, bicycle-hub mounted turbine, making it a 3 cd pendulum,

and I was going to replace it with this newly minted equivalent, but

another cd fell off so harmony was restored to the world and it started rotating again.

A locally made Bluebower letterbox, doing what it does best, a bit of topical satire.

These books are from the 1890s and were in a local bookswap cabinet. They are with me now but I think I will put them back, they are 400 page massive tomes with small type and I won't read them.

My bike at left, I have put some A4 posters on the side advertising my book, and the bike includes the special brakes I designed and built. So I went out trying for effective advertising pics but the only pic I got was this one with 2 slightly bored dogs. You gotta laugh.

But this card was nice, I felt like a year 12 student praised by a teacher when I got this note from local full time author Carole Wilkinson.
And this is Rita with one of the cd turbines I gave her. Her care visit this week included some technical advise on making it work. She likes it, its a small hobby project for her.

Hi, We are in the middle of a longish Coronavirus lockdown here in Melbourne. This post just shows some of the things we are doing to get through.



Steve Nurse

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