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Saturday, 7 August 2021

Morris Minor Model


New 3d printer filament holder made from...

scrap timber and a bicycle hub harvested from this project. Part of the design inspiration.

The first model car I wanted to build, a Peugeot 403 station wagon, which dates from about 1963. I had a sedan version a long time ago. Design was sourced with a google image search. This print was made using draftsight and scaled so wheel diameters match the bicycle hubs, about 43mm I think.

But the Peugeot was going to be too big and I opted for a Morris Minor Ute design. My mum had a sedan. I think. Here is the Morris Minor Ute printout next to the chassis and ....

being transferred....

to plywood for the model. Note tyres, trafficator  / indicator, front mudguard, window partition and petrol tank cap.

Trafficator ...

in action.

All done. Ute body was part of a 3d printer spool, the closest and simplest thing around that would do the job.


The photos above show the design of a toy model car I made for my grandson. Hi mum and dad, Phoebe and Ewan are temporary custodians. In 30 years when our grandson is grown, the idea of putting liquid fuel into an automobile will be as old and antiquated as the travellators on a Morris Minor. Meanwhile you can enjoy this very cute video

To my Australian mind, the model resembles an FJ holden ute. But I have put the petrol tank in the wrong place for that!


Steve Nurse

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