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Saturday 14 August 2021

Cd turbine and cd tessellation


Fan from last time.

New fan, mounted on a bicycle front wheel hub. 4 cd's as blades, 15 degree pitch. On our front gate.

This was the same fan outside our back door. It fell apart twice in this spot, it was quite windy.

Cd tessellation. First I made the red parts, which takes a clockwise set of cds, then the brown ones which take a clockwise set. The red and brown parts are the same as the fan hubs but have a 5 degree pitch.


Sun reflection from a set of cd's in a fan

More reflections

2d cad drawing showing adaptation of cds to become square patterns. Ist drawing is as above, second is as per the cube clock here

More 2d cad, this is the basic unit of the tessellation,

and the whole pattern, the mirror side.

and the whole pattern, the picture side
The same pattern with cds rotated through 45 degrees.


This shows some more work I've done making fan hubs, and continues on from this post. After looking at them for a while, I realised the fan hubs could have a different role, as a tessellation hub. I needed to make some mirrored parts and printed them, then managed to make a basic 16x pattern. This sort of tessellation pattern has 4 sets of parallel cds. The cds in the set could act as coplanar mirrors. This blog series is continued here.

Regards Steve Nurse

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