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Thursday 30 January 2020

Ilean trike figurine

2d layout of timber tailbox and derived sketch (top right with X) were used for layout of .......

the model's tailbox.
model parts on printer, the tailbox has been split into 2 to be hollow and print easily in different colours.

Printing on Cetus 3d printer.
Diagnosing and putting the first sample together at the kitchen table.
A bit better, after 2 designs and prints of the frame, handlebars, and tailbox base and 4 designs and prints of the tailbox cover.

In the back yard, the model bike is foreground and a wooden version (closest bike to hand) is background. Actual trike is more like the one shown in the last photo here .
All fancy-dooh-daah now, tyres, tailbox frame and chain are black (texta colour) and tailbox cover is white (liquid paper).

Hi, Not much to say here, I have made a model of my ilean trike and uploaded it to thingiverse here, .  The Ilean concept was invented by Vi Vuong and has been used to make simple homemade front wheel drive cycles using a range of drive configurations. See Vi's description and videos of his trikes here .

On the thingiverse page, all the files relating only to the Ilean model begin with the word Ilean. The handlebar_long file is also used.

This Ilean trike joins other bike models and a boardgame I have already made and given away through the same Thingiverse link . I've done the Ilean tailbox in 2 parts to emphasize that in the real thing, once the tailbox frame is made, the tailbox cover can look like any damn think you like

The plan is now to integrate the Ilean model into a boardgame involving 3d printing for the dice and the boardgame tokens. It will be a bit like this but using modular dice. But I am still thinking about it!

Regards  Steve Nurse


  1. thank you for this. love the passion and design

    1. No worries you are welcome. I enjoy spreading the word about recumbent bikes and trikes. Steve nurse