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Saturday 25 April 2020

Easter Decos

Some artwork near us in Clifton Hill
Sawing, drilling and filing timber....
to make this.
Covering the house with aluminium foil salvaged from easter egg wrappers.
House in place on our front gate. Christine made the Teddy on the front door.

There has been a few outbreaks of art in our small suburb recently, with teddies and rainbows on display in peoples houses and bright murals appearing to brighten the general gloom created by covid 19.  Apparently unrelated, I had been storing easter egg wrappers, and one of my 3d printers had just been repaired and needed a project for recommissioning, so I got working on a small design, and within a day or so of starting it was done.

The house itself consists of one type of plywood square, drilled with the help of a 3d printed jig, and a few joining knuckles which hold the squares together at 90, 60 or 150 degree angles. The knuckles have taper pins on the ends, and they are a press fit into the holes in the squares.

Haven't really gathered any reactions from neighbours passing by yet, but I am looking forward to it!

The story continues here, I made another one using a slightly different method.


Steve Nurse

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