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Wednesday 25 September 2019

Fringe Furniture Talks

This chair from Holmesglen tafe students is brilliant, the whole thing made from one component, a boomerang shaped piece of ply, and ........

here is its blurb. Their Topographical table was shown in this recent post.
Tom Dempster's.........

retracting table was a hit at the show and here is Tom holding forth about it with exhibition organiser Brigit.
Lucas's blurb

about his CROBO seat.  Upcycled timber, formed into letters, formed into a chair.
Christine Nurse with Giorgia Pisano and Freddy Marta Mendoza. Georgria and Freddy chilling out on the Brandon Chair,.....

They exhibited this piece......

and talked about it (the hanging boards) at a Sunday afternoon session,

and here is their blurb.
Kenton Rogers is a regular volunteer and serial-offending artist at fringe Furniture. Here he is talking to Bridget about his lamp and

...... here is his blurb.
A few more of the Sunday afternoon talks,  this one by a group of collaborating designers from Habio.....

and this blue stool is by Richardson Waite, a design pairing from 2 fnal year RMIT students, here is their insta account.


As mentioned previously, some of my work is at Fringe Furniture 33.  Its a fun exhibition with lots of interesting designs and designers around, so its nice to visit.  For the last 2 Sundays Christine and I have been to the artist tours (Next and last is 3pm Sunday, September 9, 3pm, Rosina Hall, Abbotsford convent). So here are a few pics from recent talks and other visits.

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