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Thursday 12 September 2019

Fringe Furniture Opening


Light Sleeper

Topograpical Coffee Table

Ta-Da by Steve Nurse (me)

Didn't get the details  of this piece but it is a combined lampshade and coffee table complete with foldaway legs. It is raised and lowered by a slightly noisy gearbox / winch arrangement hanging from the roof.  Just right for your warehouse conversion pad.

Speeches, announcements, prizes etc. etc.

A few pics from the opening night of fringe furniture - woohoo. Brigit had done a great job of organising the event and I bumped into a few Monash Uni people I know and chatted to a few other artist / maker type people.  I'm not all that terrific with names so it was a bit embarrassing at times. Will be back at the fringe furniture venue in the next few days: its free, might see you there.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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