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Thursday 5 September 2019

Fringe Furniture Bump-In


Today was my Fringe Furniture Exhibition bump-in day and this meant the end of quite a bit of planning and building.  The "Ta-Da" piece which I started blogging about here had been varnished by Christine and I, and 2 days ago, I started setting it up again. This was to avoid embarrassment during set up on site at the Abbotsford Convent, I couldn't quite remember how it went back together again. Anyway, by yesterday morning (Thursday) it was back together, and today I started taking it apart again.

Wasn't sure if it would go into the trike (also on show) and was prepared to take 2 trips to the nearby Abbotsford Convent where the exhibition takes place. Anyway, sometimes if you step back a bit and take your time you think of an answer, and by hooking the trike stand over the tailbox it all fitted.

The trip to the Convent was thankfully uneventful and Brigit and CC and other volunteers and coordinators made the setup go well too.  Leaving the trike at the Convent, I walked home. Official launch Party is Wednesday, looking forward to it.

2 Years ago I had a wooden trike at Fringe Furniture 31, here is my bikes blog from back then.

Regards  Steve Nurse

Regards  Steve Nurse

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