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Sunday 28 October 2018

M-Pavillion Session

My trike at Mpavillion

Hi, yesterday was Sunday, and I had been invited to this event wrapping up the Fringe Furniture Exhibit at the nearby Mpavillion, so I rode down there to have a look.  The building is very stunning, seeming (almost) to grow out of the landscape rather than being put upon it. There was a huge, peaceful but noisy religious gathering going on at the start, and the organizers of the Mpavillion event had to start a bit late because of that.

Anyway, quite a bit of chat about design in Public and Private art galleries and displaying things on the web which was interesting.  I left before the end, I have a real job starting next week and bought some workboots for that on the way home.

A few days ago, I added more 3d printed orange bling to my bike, there is only the handlebar ends to go and then I think the whole thing is blinged.


Steve Nurse

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