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Monday, 1 October 2018

Artist Talks at Fringe Furniture 32

Margot, Gayle and William from Wecycle at Fringe Furniture.  This was after a Saturday volunteer session fixing bikes for charity.

Heather Horrocks had made balls and baskets from crochered videotape, there is a sample in the foreground.

Thomas Bryce and his midnight sideboard....

As introduced by Kristina

Amelia Warhurst made a pleated table by bending then dying perspex.

Dani Storm shows off her Aurora tables....

and plywood and resin cube, "Impossible"

My talk

And the after-party, Graham Signorini with my wife Christine.

Kristen Wang's coffee stool won an award, its made from coffee grounds and animal waste held together by a hessian coffee bag mesh.

Jack Simm and his organically smooth table.

Luke Neil made a light fitting seen here, and an elaborate sideboard "Scorpion Table"

Grace Eun Hai Kim and her Lumeneer lightshade

Hi, last night was bump-out night for Fringe Furniture.  I went to every one of the 3 Artist-Led tours, and gave a talk as an artist myself, and it is an easy-peasy 5 minute riverside bike ride to get there.  So I took some photos of the artists and never really intended to blog about it, but except for our host Kristina, nobody else was there for all 3 shows, so here you have it.  Thanks to the Melbourne Fringe for supporting Fringe Furniture.


Steve nurse

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