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Thursday 26 January 2023

Yarra Cleanup

Danella leads the troops.

Lots of this stuff around, plastic in trees.

Nice views and some companionship while picking up the rubbish.

Golf ball about to be mined.

"The big stuff" an old hose, dead batteries, and old cushions full of silt all went on a big gate.

Lots of golf balls. Danella is running a workshop to work out what to do with them in February.

Robbish I collected

Danella and Des on the way out,

and back to cars and bikes.

 Hi, today I attended a very enjoyable cleanup the Yarra day organised locally by Danella who happens to be a force of nature. Went for a swim (maybe 600m or so) at Deep Rock in the Yarra afterwards with Danella and her mates which was very nice and sociable. We saw a wallaby, others saw other creatures which I didn't, I am possibly slightly blind without my glasses! 

This mob's activities can be followed on the instagram thingy, here is the link, 

Update Jan 27 2023

I did a bit of googling about golf ball pollution (see this link) and found that its a thing. The article I linked to is about ocean pollution, and we are talking river pollution here, but there's some relevant information there.

Some golf balls ending up as large scale sculpture. More on this next time!


I have now done my own citizen science project and can confirm that

Yes, golf balls do sink in fresh water and

Because their diameter is 42.5mm, their radius is 21,25mm which means

Their volume was calculated at 40.2 cm3, but I reckon its bit less because of the dimples, say 39cm3 and I weighed them at

185g for 4 , or 46.25g each.

So yep, the calcs are in, they should sink!  The fresh water they displace will weigh about 39g because freshwater density is 1, while the salt water (density 1.025g/cm3 they displace will weigh about 39.975g so they will still sink even in the denser seawater. And most of that info is here in the wikipedia page so it was a waste of time working it out.

If you have stayed awake you are rewarded! This is looking away from the river at Deep Rock with my bike foreground and a hot air balloon landing background.

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