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Thursday 5 January 2023

Buckley's ride preview and training


The stats

Rubbish loaded in tailbox

My bike at Deep Rock. I went for a couple of swims here. I think they call it cross-training


As I have done several times in the last few years. I have signed up for the Audax Buckley's ride which is Round the Bay (Port Phillip Bay) in a Day in Bike Network Parlance.  Last year, my bike broke in the rear frame, but I have finished 2 separate 200k audax rides since then, one to Portsea and return, and one to Anglesea from Werribee and return.

I have been training on the hilly Kew Boulevarde, and consider myself quite well prepared. I am using my Garmin as a basic speedo, trying to keep over 10 kph up the hills, and recording trip length and speed when I can.

Today I was inspired to pick up rubbish by some local cleaner uppers, some of whom swim at Deep Rock, on the nearby Yarra River. I have deducted a minute from today's time for every piece of rubbish I picked up!

The weather is shaping up to be warm for the ride, that is 32 degrees, and in my training I have only just stopped my face from burning by frequent application of sunscreen. I plan to use a buff for the actual ride, I think that's much more robust as sun and dehydration protection. Wish me luck! 

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Activities on the day before the ride, with Pete and Pete, I.......

fixed bikes like this Giant Liv for refugees at Wecycle.


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