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Monday 31 October 2022

Macini Bike



At our Wecycle bike shed the other day, I noticed an interesting bike had come in, and discussed it with Mark at Back2bikes a few days later. Mark was interested in it, and I emailed him a few pics a couple of days later. The pics are above.

Anyway, some of the bike parts are interesting, and the bike had a rummage sale of french and Italian parts including

M.Faggin Stem (Italy)

Campagnolo Brakes and rear Derailleur (Italy)

Cinelli bars

Gipeimme front derailleur and shifters

Unknown brand french cranks.

The Macini frame is interesting too. They were made in Adelaide, but the name seems Italian. Mark said this was part of a cultural cringe, where Australian brands did their best to sound Italian (other examples are Ricardo and Europa) . Anyway, a deal was struck, Mark got a potentially great bike with interesting parts for a modest price, and Wecycle sold a bike we couldn't use for a modest gain.

There are more details of vintage Macini bikes on their facebook page .


Steve Nurse

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