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Saturday 29 October 2022

A different land






Blogs are probably there to amuse, entertain, and spread knowledge on different specialist subjects. But really, they are about life too. So really I can't go on with blogs or anything, without announcing a big change in my life which is affecting me now. After 34 years together my wife Christine died on October 9 after we'd had 34 great years together.

Christine had a hard time in the last month of her life. She'd been born with scoliosis or curvature of the spine, and it was through hard work, hope and medical intervention that she led a fairly normal life from her early 20's to her early 50's. But in the last few years things had got tougher for her with slowly deteriorating health. I'm not really going to go into much more detail.

Anyway, my son Ewan, brother in law John, sister in law Lynn, friends George, Christine, Anne and Ermi and Jenny, and neighbours Pam and Betty, and many others have been a great support, and helped me organise Christine's funeral service. 

I rode over to Ewan and Phoebe's on the night Christine died when things were still very raw, and with John and Lynn we worked out the funeral service for Christine over the next few days and nights. Anne agreed to host, and Jenny to talk, and I took up other people's offers of help. Thanks everybody!

Anyway, I will go on recovering from Christine's passing for the next weeks and months, but I am already back at work and fixing bikes. A few pics up above. Rest in Peace, kiddo.

Best Wishes

Steve Nurse

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