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Friday 10 September 2021

Tetra Clock










Early this year, I put together a tetrahedron clock (2), and this is discussed here, I made a cube clock (1) at the same. But I didn't bother working out how to make a full dial with 12 numbers for those clocks.  

So somewhere along the way, I decided to fix this, by this time I had made some different varieties of the building-block adapters which turn cd's into polygons. I could apply that tech to the new clock. Instead of using bamboo rods as hinge pins, I am using bicycle spoke parts which don't fall out!  As well I found some themed dvds (The IT Crowd, a show I like)  in a  neighbourhood book swap cabinet. So it all came out very well.

Anyway, here are the IT Crowd themed clocks you can get on Red Bubble.

Materials: Dvd's and data cds, 15 different types of 3d printed parts, bicycle spokes and spoke nipples, elastic hair bands, clock mechanism.


Steve Nurse

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