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Friday 10 September 2021

CD cube


Selfie #1

Selfie #2

Lid hinged = obverse.

A view inside. I spent a bit of time making sure the hair bands stayed on the inside of the cube.

With milk crates #1

With milk crates #2


This post shows a cube I made by making sides from overlapping cds. The overlapping cds are documented here, and I did a bit more work on them here . To extend this technology, I've made this display cube, and started by superglueing the dvds to the red hubs whish are at the cenre of all the faces.

Anyway, I think they've come out very well. Up till the time I bought the cube outside to photograph, I hadn't really noticed the reflections visible on the cds. But they look quite good even when the cube was placed on my outdoor workbench made of milk crates and old plywood.

Materials: Cd's / Dvd's, Bamboo rod as hinge pins, 3 different 3d printed parts, elastic hair bands, superglue.

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