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Thursday 7 January 2021

Myrtleford Literature and Fashion


Pick of the bunch from op shop, Strolling Players by Mavis Thorpe Clarke with nice library stamps for 50c.

Heiner's Bakery, I am chatting to Santa and wearing my newly acquired shirt.

These were 50c as well. Have read most of John Wren Gambler (later chapters slightly boring) and all of Agatha Christie The Man in the Brown Suit. (manages to be a bit more exciting than boring throughout and features the Heroine surfing in South Africa)

Shirt about $3.00

More of strolling players


 When  I arrived in Myrtleford, I didn't have a long-sleeved shirt, and that was sort-of-necessary as I was at the start of 3 days riding of warm, sunburnie days. The first shirt I bought was too small and I took it back, so I visited the op shop several times and picked up a few good books from out the front for 50c. each. Several other good shops and sales in and around Myrtleford, I didn't have a chance to visit them all.

Here is my post from 2012 featuring Myrtleford shopping. I still have most of the junk I bought back then. I think.

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