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Tuesday 12 January 2021

Cd Clocks Part 1


7" record clock, front and

Spool Clock


Cd Clock

Cd top and wheelset, see here for original blog post and thingiverse files.

Cd clock with some of its mates.


For several years I've been making clocks using my 3d printer. This started here, with clocks based on part of the spool my printing plastic comes on. The parts to print this clock are available here on thingiverse. Each clock uses a purchased set of clock mechanism and hands.

 Since then the idea has expanded a bit, with clocks based on 7" single records and compact discs.   Every project has as its base something that might be thrown away or at best recycled, but the clocks use things (filament spool, cd, record) in an upcycled way. That is, in the clocks, the form of the original item is at least partially respected and used again.

Along with cds, records, printer spools and clock mechs, I use hair elastics (just durable rubber bands really) and bamboo skewers in these creations.

By the end of 2019, I'd made a few clocks and gave them away to my son, brother, friends, nieces and nephews.

Will post about more developments later.



Steve Nurse. 



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