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Monday, 22 June 2020

Sub-Atomic Milk Crate


After my posting about collecting milk crates here and here, I was curious as to where the hard-rubbish collected milk crates (that I didn't take) ended up and my first guess was the Darebin Recycling Centre in Reservoir, and so thought a visit would be worth it. I had been there before and got crates, and there is other assorted cd's and books and - well junk - there for sale. But instead of the mountain of crates I had expected, there were only three or four. But I came across another surprise, a half-crate, or something that can be used as one. In fact it is a Series 300 Stormwater Pit Riser 84221 from Everhard Industries.

For a while I have been thinking of how to build a table from milk crates in the back yard and that seemed easy peasy, you can just make 4 columns of of milk crates and put or even secure a bit of plywood on top, and then the table is done. Unfortunately that wouldn't work in terms or the table height. as milk crates would make a table about 300, 600 or 900mm high. The table I am sitting at is 750 high, and I had thought of and actually mucked around with making a half-high crate spacer. So there is an accidental commercial solution to this problem, or at least one that comes pretty close.

I didn't buy the pit spacer which probably would have been $1.00 like the cd's and books I got there today. Probably have enough junk at home already.  And the whole bike trip went well, although it was one of the shortest coldest days of the year and it rained on me a bit. I was happy with the half-crate discovery and my purchases, visited Christine Durbridge on the way home and also managed to get my wife Christine a birthday present and her vege shopping.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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