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Sunday 28 June 2020

Lunch at Uncle Drew's

Milk crates for their original purpose

Have migrated outside to be used as stools.

Hard seat, big area, on bike and black timber topped stools. A bit of extra padding (artificial turf) on the green stools.

Milk crates as seats.

Crate without pad or timber, it just has a small area supporting the bottom.


Last Tuesday it was my wife Christine's birthday and we went out to a local caf, Uncle Drew's. We usually eat outside, and did this time as well. But quite a few other things had changed due to Covid 19 restrictions. All the dining is outside, and inside is a small grocery shop as well as the service counter. The menu is posted in the window, but is also accessible by phone scanning a square barcode thingy which is plastered on the table. Also accessible by barcode - thingy is the Covid 19 tracing register, where you should leave your name in case there is an outbreak in the area.  You also have to order inside which it took me a while to realise.

Anyway we had a nice bottle of wine from Mount Macleod in Gippsland with lunch which was good and we enjoyed the birthday lunch. I had a bit more of the wine later in the day and decided it was a good drop so went back on my bike a couple of days later to pick up some more and take a few photos.

They turned out to be all of milk crates, and I now realise there is another ap for my bike milk crate adapters, as milk-crate-chair toppers, and I'm using some of the design ideas from the crate stools in my current big project, a rewrite of my book.

Regards   Steve Nurse

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