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Sunday 18 August 2019

Body Builder Kit 2

Timber on the way to Sean and Horn.
Showing off the design to Billy at Sean and Horn
Board with cutouts is usually waste.
Timber parts and 3d printer parts as torch with just enough space inside for a USB cable.


Uses bike Spokes.

to make this thing.



Home Studio

Before Shelf
After Shelf


A few weeks ago I posted about a body kit I'd made, stemming from a bike part I'd built and never used.  And I've come quite a bit further with the design, making several variations from the basic parts, these include a torch with usb cord holder, and NC routed timber versions courtesy of cutting by Sean and Horn.  

The NC routing was a bit speculative, so I didn't want to get a huge sheet cut, and got some fairly common timber from the closest hardware shop, and bought it home "landscape" or super wide on my electric bike. For the actual trip from Clifton Hill to Sean and Horn in Coburg I went portrait, or slightly less wide.  The bike carried the timber fine, and probably quicker than by car as there was some fairly major traffic poo with a set of train crossing boom gates stuck down.  Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the results and the general interchangability and fun of the parts.

Besides anything else, posting this was delayed by our need for a kitchen shelf.  All the animals I'd made had been hanging out uncomfortably on cd's, speakers and stereo systems and it wasn't till I'd made a shelf that I had room for more of them.

The pictures show some of the waste made in the process of building the items.  The board with holes is what the wooden pieces were cut from and the "poo" (modular bikes word of the week) is bits of offcut timber, offcut tent fibreglass tent poles, althread rod, sawdust and the "raft" or 3d printer part support material.

Will work on sharing the design at some stage.

Regards  Steve Nurse

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