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Friday 7 September 2018

Six Strut Tensegrity

Jig for making the model
1st attempt, quite unstable. Pic and text from Mr. Kenner's book in background. There are meant to be 24 tendons which are 0.6124 times the length of the struts but I have 6 rubber bands instead......
bit more stable but not very colorful, 24 rubber bands on this one.
And the final version for tonight anyway, Colorful, Stable, Able to support a beer bottle as long as you are hovering close by and don't mind it spilling!

After a bit of a break and some diversions, I have got back on the horse, and kept on going with what I set out to do at the start and build some Tensegrity structures from Hugh Kenner's book.  Here are some pics of what I built today from page 11, I had printed enough of the 4-way rod ends to make this thing a few weeks ago.

The little jig I made to put this together worked well to hold things in place while I started off assembling, but because I was skimping on the assembly by using only a few rubber bands, it fell apart a few times. Ok now, but.

Will plod on with this, Regards

Steve Nurse

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