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Thursday 30 August 2018

Tensegrity Prisms etc 3

Basic car using Yakult straws as axles and frame.

Avant Garage

Car in Avant Garage

How the other half live, 4 wheel steering car and deluxe long 2-card garage

4 wheel steering car.

A couple of towers made from 4 sets of capped rods.  The one on the right has the rod ends close coupled making it stable, while the one on the left has the coupling rubber bands stretched very long and near the edges making it unstable. I made 2 videos showing how they react, here  is #1, and here is #2.

Some details. There is a flower at the top.

A tree.  I had to tone down the colour on this one, with multicolour rubber bands it was a bit over the top.

Self propelling rubber band car, here is the video.

Solidworks model showing basic hole size which can be adjusted for whatever rod you use (ie 3mm fibreglass, 3mm wood, Yakult straw, cotton bud) when printing the free downloadable model from CGTrader
Hi, I don't have many words to add here, but have made new versions of the models shown in my previous post, and this time used the more solid, free, downloadable model.  I added one or 2 tweaks, especially to the tower models.  Last night I made another type of self-propelling car, and plan to show that in my next post.


Steve Nurse

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