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Monday, 27 August 2018

Tensegrity Prisms etc. 2

Hi, last time I wrote on this topic I'd gotten this far, making some tensegrity prisms using 3d printed parts and rubber bands, but ....

after a bit of random fiddling with the parts, I made this thing, and realised the tensegrity struts could also be wheel axles, if only the slots in the side were changed to the right diameter.
So by changing the part, I was able to make this basic car, and
........ this 4 wheel steering car, and
....... going back to the tensegrity prism designs, this tree, and
...... this tower.
Add a roof to the first prism, and you have an avant-garage, or at least an avant-carport, as in "Buckminster, where did you park the Dymaxion?"  "In the avant -garage of course".
Double garage
All together now!
Self-propelling car from the newer, larger, stronger version of the part.

On Your Marks, get set, go, here is the video!

Part in Solidworks showing centre diameter.
Hi, not much to say here, in pics above and on video, here are the results of further research, ok, playing around with my 3d printed tensegrity rod ends.  I plan to put a version of the part up on the net for free download shortly. Part 3 is here .


Steve Nurse

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