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Monday 15 February 2021

Soccer Ball: Icosahedron from construction kit, part 2


Truncated icosahedron is...


My side assembly template. The hex side shown uses a cd, 6 joiners and a hairband / rubber band. Edge joiners must be evenly spaced to ensure it all fits together.

Interior. Yes an entire season of dodgy Grey's anatomy DVD's were used.

More interior


Making the .........

truncation sides

which are timber cut using a hole saw

Cd and timber dodecahedrons

Timber Dodecahedron. This is all the truncation sides joined together for a bit of a warm-up.


Tonight I finished the icosahedron I'd started making bits for, and mentioned in this previous post. Quite an achievement I think, Lego Masters eat your heart out!

The bill of materials:

20 cd's

120 edge joiners for cd.

12 truncation sides based on holesawn timber,

60 edge joiners for timber

32 hair bands.

90 edge pins made from bamboo skewers. These are crushed at one end so they're a press fit in their slots.

The truncated icosahedron has the same form as a soccer ball, this one is not for kicking though!


Steve Nurse

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